Elim Fellowship began in 1933 as an informal fellowship of churches, ministers and missionary endeavors, developing from individuals trained at Elim Bible Institute. Being of Pentecostal conviction and Charismatic orientation, Elim Fellowship has grown in its vision as a Christ-centered worldwide revival fellowship serving pastors, churches, missionaries and other Christian ministers. Elim Fellowship provides assistance to missionaries and overseas outreaches, credentials for ministers, counseling for individuals and churches, and a variety of support ministries to local churches. Their purpose is to assist in the establishment of new churches, to extend the hand of fellowship to all pastors and churches, and to encourage and edify the body of Christ. They offer to walk hand-in-hand with all who fellowship with them, in order to promote a cooperative relationship resulting in spiritual growth and enlargements as they serve and minister with the whole Church. 

Elim Fellowship is a member of the:

The Elim Fellowship Mission.
The mission of Elim Fellowship is to glorify God and His Son Jesus Christ and to obey Christ’s mandate to preach the Gospel and make disciples of all nations. To this end they are committed to serving and equipping their worldwide constituency in carrying out their respective missions.

The Elim Fellowship Statement of Purpose.
The purpose of Elim Fellowship is to provide visionary leadership, spiritual covering, pastoral care, mutual accountability, ministry resources and fellowship for its credential holders, affiliated churches and ministries. We also purpose to fellowship with all pastors, missionaries, leaders, churches and ministries who manifest the Spirit of Christ; and to encourage and edify the Body of Christ.

The Elim Fellowship Core Values.
Elim Fellowship is committed to:
  • Fervent witness to the Gospel in the United States and other nations.
  • Serving with simplicity and sacrifice.
  • An authority of Godly influence without control.
  • The ministry of reconciliation in restoring broken lives, relationships, churches and ministries.
  • An emphasis of worship and the manifestation of spiritual gifts among our constituency.
  • Discerning, pursuing and participating in any fresh emphasis or revival of the Holy Spirit.
  • Promoting relationships of integrity throughout the Body of Christ encompassing both genders, all races and all ethnic groups.